my little talk with Papa earlier today... - all for my dream on a budget...
he drove me to school today. I was happy he had some extra time.

Anyway, we came to tail an Avanza. I told him that it's cute.
His response was that all we can say is that it's cute. If i wouldn't have to marry this year, he was actually planning to get one for me. (We are not rich. So, Avanza to me is still a lot. It is a practical choice afterall. although, i had wanted a Celerio at first.)
I smiled.
He told me that i still have a chance to back out and grab the car.
I know my Papa was joking. And that he knows that somehow there's no turning back anymore. But we do know that jokes are half meant.
I bet that in a way, he did mean it. He doesn't want me married this soon. But there's just nothing he can do and he knows it. So, he accepts it.

I am going to miss my Papa... and Mama... and Jobbie (my 9yr-old kid brother)... and Jon (my other brother... although not that much since he had been at cebu since 2007.)
I am going to miss davao... my home.
I will miss my church here and the friends that i have there & the fellowship that we have.
I will miss my friends.
i will miss a lot.

Yes, I must be loving this man quite a lot.
He often asks me if i think he'd be worth it all.
Honestly, if i didn't think that he would, i wouldn't have decide to go with him.

i just realized that time flies so fast.

soon, i'll be there with him.

along with a lot of uncertainties but definitely with lots of love.
Josephine Durias
4/16/2010 08:19:11

I know how your papa is feeling. I am just your aunt and I am also far away yet I will missed you so much. You and Dennis is in my prayers that you would have your dream wedding come true.


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