..................... - all for my dream on a budget...
my father is not agreeable to my 8-9-10 dream wedding date right now. he wants it moved to a later date of the month.

anywayz, it would have been easy to give up on the wedding date, if not because of this one thing...
my future in-laws had thought that 8-9-10 is final & approved and they all have a ticket to davao for that date!
yes, all 12 of them. They didn't even wait for a promo fare to come in.
btw, cebu pacific has P999 on all domestic flights up to april 8 for travel on june 1 to august 31. (i got dennies a flight to davao on july on this promo so we could deliver our invites and to wrap things up.)

it's indeed an additional cost to be living in a long distance relationship. thus, it would be a heaven (or so, i hope) to be together soon. (excited ^^< i ought to be, i guess)

I am to tell him(my father) tonight. since, they already had the post-wedding reception welcome for us at manila on august 21. So, got to spill the beans so they could get the discounted fares to manila that's up until tomorrow.

God help me.

Thanks for your prayers, friends.

God bless. ^^<

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