wedding workbook -- six or more months before - all for my dream on a budget...
- Think about the type of wedding you want -- formal or informal, big or small -- and the time of the year you want it to take place.

- Set a budget and prioritize. Discuss who will cover each expense. Make sure you record each deposit and payment to your budget.

- arrange for the groom's family to formally meet the bride's.

- announce your engagement to family and friends.

- finalize wedding date. have back-up dates in mind if the venue, photographer, etc are already booked.

- Send save-the-date cards, if needed.

- Make a short list of possible suppliers. Research well prior to final booking.

- compile guest list, and organize addresses and contact numbers. the number of guests will affect your choice of venue.

- reserve ceremony an reception sites.

- hire a wedding coordinator, if desired.

- select bridal and liturgical entourage. visit your pincipal sponsors to inform them and thank them for accepting.

- select a designer foryour dress and order accessories.

- select your officiant. visit your officiant so that he may know you and your fiance better.

- book caterer. discuss with them any favorite foods or family recipes that you want to incorporate.

- book florist/stylist. Collect ideas and determine the whole theme.

- book music for theceremony and reception. ensure their music style fits the mood that you want to set.

-book photographer and videographer. Give them a checklist on the shots that you deem important.

- schedule trial hair and make-up sessions with short listed make-up artist. Book the chosen stylist and make-up artist.

- begin any beauty or exercise regimen if desired.

- plan and book honeymoon.

- plan your new home.
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Since April, this man has been counting down 101 uses for his ex-wife's wedding dress, and documenting it on My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress! Hilarious! So what's his ex-wife's wedding dress been good for so far? Flossing, scarecrow, tablecloth, yoga mat, etc...


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