the well spent wedding! ... on a budget - all for my dream on a budget...
1. Rank your priorities.

2. Determine your budget.

3. Recruit friends and relatives.

4. Be ruthless with the head count.

5. Book before the 'ber' months.

6. Seek free fonts.

7. Have a weekday wedding.

8. No decor needed.

9. Think out-of-the-banquet-hall.

10. Hire an expert.

11. Take up hunting.

12. Pick the right kicks.

13. Say YES to all-inclusive.

14. Bridal fair-bound.

15. Create your own dot-com.

16. Initial it.

17. Think monochromatic.

18. Stick them up.

19. Hold a DIY day.

20. Buy in season.

21. Supersiz your flowers.

22. Bouton-ette your bridesmaids.

23. Easy on the entourage.

25. Work your blooms.

26. Skip the make-up trials.

27. The more the merrier.

28. No need for retouch.

29. Borrow something.

30. Buy your own booze.

31. Give a newbie a break.

32. Eat family style.

33. Think like a talent scout.

34. Drink to that.

35. Cut the cake.

36. Give something homemade.

37. Pool the presents.

38. Show off -- a little.

39. Throw a tea party.

40. Hook up your iPod.
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Hire a wedding planner or if you cannot afford that buy a wedding planner book instead covering everything you need to do in order to have your wedding on a budget.

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