the 5 tips expound - all for my dream on a budget...
  • 1. Set Priorities

  • Setting priorities means that you can place the bulk of your budget on what really matters to you.

    You may also single out other events/part in the wedding that can be left out. For example, if you are not really the dancing type, then, why get a venue with a dance floor? or why get a live band when you can still have your dream without it (take a CD or your iPOD instead)?

    Or how about considering a cheaper or smaller cake?

    I've talked to a lot of brides and coordinators... & their advice to would-be brides like me on a budget is to invest on photography and your hair & make-up. Afterall, the prparation for months would boil down to a couple of hours or more. Without good documentation, your left with nothing but a memory (many of which the bride would be missing due to the stress & anticipation of the wedding itself).

    Or why get a designer gown when you'd look just as beautiful in a cheaper one?

    2. Consider a Destination Wedding

    Going on a destination wedding would seem like MORE with the airline tickets & hotel to consider... but this is definitely the best way to limit your guests, thus cutting on the reception cost and other miscellaneous cost.
  • 3. Check Out the Parks

    This is getting that garden or outdoor venue at a bargain. Why pay a bulk to get that view when you can get it for free?
  • 4. Compare and Bargain

    A lot of wedding suppliers are banking on the wedding business. Without a comparison on the prices & a canvas on the bargains that are available, a bride-to-be maybe a victim of the commercialization in weddings.

    In this regard, an expert (i mean a wedding planner) would probably bring down the cost of your wedding... as ironic as it may sound. You see... they know how to haggle with the suppliers, they have their "suki" where they could get you bargains and they know the ropes around so you won't get stck at a dead end or something.
  • 5. Rely on your Friends

    Admit it! A lot of your friends or family is excited about your wedding too. Why not ask for the help of those creative pipz who love you?

    Get them to give you a hand on making the invitation cards, souvenirs, or sing for your wedding... the possibilities are endless.

    I'm definitely getting the most of this.
    I'm getting my hair and make-up free from my friend who owns a salon ^^<
    My church friends who happens to be members of the choir had already volunteered to sing. In fact, I asked them at least a song to sing for the reception. And the pianist for the wedding is a friend from church too!
    My cousin who plays the violin quite well will probably play my bridal march if she's available.
    My Auntie is taking care of my souvenirs.
    My best friend volunteered to help out in the making of the invitations.
    Another friend would serve as the wedding coordinator for the day.
    A family friend who works at pearl farm has volunteered for the honeymoon two years back ^^< which i am going to remind her soon ^^.

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