rantings - all for my dream on a budget...
there's this price that you're willing to spend...

and there's that part of you that wish to have that wedding that you've always dreamt about.
and there's another side that knows that a lot can be done on the money that would go to the wedding that would last only for a couple to four hours...

i honestly wish i could just go about with having 20 people... then, i could save a lot!
i wish i could go to a destination wedding instead of having a bunch of people.

but then again, i am in the Philippines.
i am tied down to the culture and tradition that we have.
and that my family's pride in a way is at stake (or at least my father and mother's).

i wish we could just run off and get married somewhere...
but it would crush my mama's heart... surely.
& it would melt the excitement amongst my friends and family.

but looking at the brighter side again... at least a lot would enjoy our wedding... or so, i hope.

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