looking at the brighter side... - all for my dream on a budget...
Honestly speaking... i think I am loosing the battle for my intimate wedding if i were to have good relations with some of my family.

i really hope that when i come to have a child's wedding in the future... that i wouldn't impress what i want over my child's dream.

disclaimer: my Papa had been so gracious about letting me know that i could have it as we planned it.
the problem is ith Mama's family.
I really don't belong in their big family, they have lots of superstitious beliefs and a weird sense of being a family.
I wish they were to watch Lilo & Stitch so they'd have an idea of what real family is like... that it's more than the blood-link but actually a bond that is more stronger than just shared lineage.

My mother, on her talk with one of my "ate" friends, told her that she can't seem to place where i got my idea or notion of hating the whole big wedding scheme...
well, i know the chances of her running into my blog is like down to 0%... but let me share my point of view anyways...
1. i want as little stress as possible.
yeah, right. The more the merrier. but to me... it means the more the CHAOS... not to mention the gastos.
Let's face it... in these tough times, a few thousand save from a wedding could amount to a start of a small business or a living room showcase or a fully furnished bedroom.
2. yes... the budget
while my parents had alreasy said that they would provide for the extra...
but wouldn't it be more meaningful to have us spend for our wedding? & don't they have another place/thing to spend their money for? (we are not rich)
3. the intimacy
being with only a few people would make everyone enjoy the wedding better. I'd be surrounded with people i love & around those who love me.
so, it's like an intimate reunion and celebration where the family could relax... and yes... just like drinking coffee.

i could go on & on about why i'd prefer a smaller bunch.
pre-wedding, it's more on the lesser expenses & lesser stress... in the wedding, it's more on the intimacy & a controlled chaos... post-wedding, it's more of the lesser talks & complaints on the negative aspect of your whole wedding.
i mean, i'd rather have them complain about why they weren't invited than have them at my wedding, paying for their meals, and them, rewarding me with complaints & criticisms... call me paranoid... but i really wouldn't want that.

NOW... looking at the brighter side...
if i were to go into all the hastles and bustles of a big wedding...
who says i couldn't have my own little wedding?
that intimate wedding of 20-30 that i've dreamt of?

i actually have a plan in mind... 
3/18/2010 10:13:12

maybe your wedding would be more unique than you thought it would be.
always look at the brighter side.

Josephine Durias
4/16/2010 08:28:34

Joy this would give me a reason to go home to attend your wedding.


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