'i do' on a budget - all for my dream on a budget...
True enough that in this hard times, as our money's power to buy shrinks... every spending is lessened to the minimum and practical. This goes the same way with weddings. More and more bride opt for a budget wedding... but indeed, this does not mean that it won't be special. There's definitely a lot of creative ways to do a bride's dream on a budget!

With the uncertainties in the economy, couples are starting to trim down the budget. This includes reducing the number of guests, doing away with expensive favors, among others.

So to cope in this difficult times, Jane Zhang in an article provides these tips.

  • Set Priorities
  • Consider a Destination Wedding
  • Check Out the Parks
  • Compare and Bargain
  • Rely on your Friends
To view the full details of her tips, visit her article at I Do… For Less. It is a recommended reading if you want to keep your most important event within budget.

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