Elements of a Filipiñana Wedding - all for my dream on a budget...
source: weddingsatwork.com

For the wedding gown, wear a modernized Maria Clara complete with panuelo.

The groom, the male entourage and wedding guests should wear a barong tagalog.

The wedding invitation should be in Filipino/Tagalog.

Choose a turn-of-the-century venues for the ceremony and reception. Intramuros comes to mind.

Instead of a bridal car, hire a horse-drawn carruaje or kalesa.

Have the Nuptial Mass in Filipino. Say your vows in the vernacular.

Use Sampaguita (our National flower) and other local blooms for the bouquet, confetti and decors.

Hold an heirloom rosary with your bouquet as you march to honor your Catholic heritage.

Let the choir sing Tagalog Liturgy songs for the ceremony
and OPM lovesongs for the communion, piacture-taking and recessional.

Upon exit at the church or during Grand Entrance at the reception, have the bestman exclaim: MABUHAY ANG BAGONG KASAL!!!

Create a Barrio Fiesta atmosphere in the reception.

Serve an all-Filipino buffet with a lecheon (roast pig) as a central part of the handaan.

For December weddings, have a puto bungbong and bibingka stall
to get the guests into the Christmas mood.

Dress up the ceiling of the reception hall with banderitas instead of drapes.

Instead of flowers, use tropical fruits (mango, pineapple, rambutan, atis, etc. ) as table centerpieces.

Hire a rondalla instead of a string quartet.

Play the guitar and serenade the bride with a harana.

Do the money dance. It’s a Filipino tradition!

Never miss the details.
Have a caketopper with the groom ina traditional barong than the usual tuxedo.
*shameless plug*

 Instead of champagne, propose a toast with lambanog.

Gather the single ladies and play agawang-panyo or hang several blooms on a pabitin instead of doing the traditional bouquet toss.

Gather the single men to play pukpok-palayok instead of the garter toss.

Our native delicacies and local handicrafts are perfect as wedding favors
Josephine Durias
4/16/2010 08:11:06

Joy, I love this Fiesta team, the using of abaneco for favors that would be given when guest arrive in church. Pabitin for bouquet toss and Pukpok Palayok for garter toss. Definitely do the money dance so you have extra money for your honeymoon


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