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creating new memories while sharing old ones is a very special experience.
If you want specific things to happen in your event... Make lists so you don t forget the key things that may be important to you. Make sure that you inform your wedding supplier, like your coordinator and photographer.

2. Get CREATIVE invitations and favors
Your wedding favors should be extraordinary, coordinating with your theme and expressing both your personalities.
You can write a personal message with your favors and package  them in a beautiful  box tied with ribbon,  or in a mini champagne glass.

3. Choose a PERSONAL  Wedding theme
It may be a season or personal traditions or cultural theme or any of your favourite things... The possibility is endless  depending on your imagination... And yes,  your resources as well.

3. Honor your CULTURES
this is a good way to own your wedding especially if you re a mix of cultures or if you live in a place of different culture.

4. Choose stylish TRAVEL
Travel in style on your wedding day. Why not arrive in an antique car or exotic limousine or better yet a cultural or themed ride like the calesa or horse?

5. PERSONALIZE your menu & decor
Find a venue that would fit your theme and don t forget to choose the right person to work with.
Coordinate your menu and decor to your theme.
And make sure to give yourself enough time to pull everything together... Else, you d end up frustrated.

6. CREATE treasure mementos & gifts
Creating a mini event at your wedding  can provide a memorable experience  for your guests, plus unique mementoes.