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How should I share it? Like the ABC? Or a summary? O isang nobela?

Well, this is an anything goes tale...

We met at an online game, Gunbound.

I got into it because my then bf was in Cebu for half a year & we never were in a long distance relationship & neither are we into chatting.

He got into it because he's into online gaming. & his nephew, kem, budged him to try gunbound as well.

Well, we met there, Aug 2005. He thought I was gay. He called me & found out I am a female.

We were friends.

We texted. We called. No, it wasn't daily... neither weekly.

It wasn't regular but it seems that when I needed help, he was available to listen.

The friendship was a comfort. No need to please the other. No need to keep a secret because we had no common friends & maybe because we don't care about the other's impression. No pressure of meeting anytime soon.

Yes, it was just going with the wind.

There was even a time when we go three months without news from each other & yet, when we get to talk again... Yes, like long lost friends.

Anyway, long story short... 2006, my then bf and I broke up. December 2007, Dennies and his then gf broke up.

We met for real, June 2008.

I was prepared to meet an ogre that Saturday... Because he told me he was hideous.

But I was sure glad that he wasn't.

There were no fireworks then... No butterflies... But there was the sense of security from a ''stranger''.

That night, there were fireworks... Literally.

Sunday, we went to church with jade (my maid-of-honor) whom he met Saturday as well (after I found out that he was not an ogre after all).

Ptr. Peter said that we say 'you are made for joy' to the person to your right. He was at my right.

Yeah, I knew he was made for joy (that joy found in Jesus as the Philippians knew.) But that day, I kind of believed that he was made for Joy (& I mean ME).


[Dennies' story – in the making]

He finally got to decide again that he would come to Davao.
After more than a month of prayer along with the wait of an airline promo, I booked him without a return ticket.
I frequently asked him if he changed his mind.
Prayed earnestly to God to make him change his mind if he weren't the one.
(Really... If God was human, he'd be confused over my prayer. For over a year of praying for him to be the one & now praying for him to just back out if ever.)
I even asked prayer partners to pray with me as well.
When January came, & his coming over was obvious, we prayed for everything to go rough with my parents if he weren't the one. It went smoothly.

On our first Sunday at Davao, Pastor Arnel again mentioned what ladies ought to say when their suitors say ''I love you.''
‘‘Will you marry me?''. And the guy would be silent.

''I love you.''
I wanted to try what Ptr. Tan said but I couldn't quite bring myself to say it.
''wag mo na ngang isipin yun.'' He knew what I was thinking. And I knew his reply.  And I was silent.

February, I went to meet his family. They were so warm. And so excited over ''our coming wedding''.

We were cornered.

Yes, we'd get married.

And now, with the blessing of our parents, we're here.
he drove me to school today. I was happy he had some extra time.

Anyway, we came to tail an Avanza. I told him that it's cute.
His response was that all we can say is that it's cute. If i wouldn't have to marry this year, he was actually planning to get one for me. (We are not rich. So, Avanza to me is still a lot. It is a practical choice afterall. although, i had wanted a Celerio at first.)
I smiled.
He told me that i still have a chance to back out and grab the car.
I know my Papa was joking. And that he knows that somehow there's no turning back anymore. But we do know that jokes are half meant.
I bet that in a way, he did mean it. He doesn't want me married this soon. But there's just nothing he can do and he knows it. So, he accepts it.

I am going to miss my Papa... and Mama... and Jobbie (my 9yr-old kid brother)... and Jon (my other brother... although not that much since he had been at cebu since 2007.)
I am going to miss davao... my home.
I will miss my church here and the friends that i have there & the fellowship that we have.
I will miss my friends.
i will miss a lot.

Yes, I must be loving this man quite a lot.
He often asks me if i think he'd be worth it all.
Honestly, if i didn't think that he would, i wouldn't have decide to go with him.

i just realized that time flies so fast.

soon, i'll be there with him.

along with a lot of uncertainties but definitely with lots of love.
i am sorry if i am including the nursing process here...
but i was preparing for a lecture on the review of the nursing process just minutes ago...
so, why not apply it here as well.

1. Assessment
- i need to assess what i need and especially identify things that are not in the "normal range".

2. Diagnosing
- whatever problem that presents needs to be prioritize...

3. Planning
- keeping a SMART goal in mind.
Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Time-bounded.

4. Interventions
- well, this is where the action begins. It should be geared towards the goal.

5. Evaluation
- to identify whether the goal had been met or not met.
then, either you'd congratulate yourself or you tell yourself on what areas you can improve at after your post-intervention assessment. It is a cycle so it goes back to top then down until you're satisfied with the outcomes or the goal had been met.

In this case, i definitely have a problem on telling my papa about our plans. It is not that my papa is strict nor is he an ogre. In fact, he is very approachable and accommodating... he is after all the envy of my friends. but it's just that sometimes, he's hard to please and his expectations are quite high.
planning... well, i actually need to talk to him soon... i need a deadline... say 1 week? to speak up...
hopefully, everything will go well.
Actually the talking is part of the interventions part & i think i to need to compromise with his other wishes.

anywayz, the evaluation won't come until i've made my move.
my best friend and i lay-outed the invite cards...

i'd be posting it here soon...

anywayz, i am so happy that my husband to be is not afraid to tell his side...
i sent the sample lay-out to him earlier... & i got great suggestions.
how i lve him!
there's this price that you're willing to spend...

and there's that part of you that wish to have that wedding that you've always dreamt about.
and there's another side that knows that a lot can be done on the money that would go to the wedding that would last only for a couple to four hours...

i honestly wish i could just go about with having 20 people... then, i could save a lot!
i wish i could go to a destination wedding instead of having a bunch of people.

but then again, i am in the Philippines.
i am tied down to the culture and tradition that we have.
and that my family's pride in a way is at stake (or at least my father and mother's).

i wish we could just run off and get married somewhere...
but it would crush my mama's heart... surely.
& it would melt the excitement amongst my friends and family.

but looking at the brighter side again... at least a lot would enjoy our wedding... or so, i hope.




i just need to post...

i have nothing in mind today...

i'd probably edit this post when i have more ideas coming...

i'm thinking of revising my site... but don't know what i really want to have.

i do wish that a lot of ads will be coming so i can start earning... but that is but wishful thinking.
i don't seem to have a knack for this...
but i'd try anyway.
my father is not agreeable to my 8-9-10 dream wedding date right now. he wants it moved to a later date of the month.

anywayz, it would have been easy to give up on the wedding date, if not because of this one thing...
my future in-laws had thought that 8-9-10 is final & approved and they all have a ticket to davao for that date!
yes, all 12 of them. They didn't even wait for a promo fare to come in.
btw, cebu pacific has P999 on all domestic flights up to april 8 for travel on june 1 to august 31. (i got dennies a flight to davao on july on this promo so we could deliver our invites and to wrap things up.)

it's indeed an additional cost to be living in a long distance relationship. thus, it would be a heaven (or so, i hope) to be together soon. (excited ^^< i ought to be, i guess)

I am to tell him(my father) tonight. since, they already had the post-wedding reception welcome for us at manila on august 21. So, got to spill the beans so they could get the discounted fares to manila that's up until tomorrow.

God help me.

Thanks for your prayers, friends.

God bless. ^^<
well.. we met at an online game... gunbound
(love to post pictures so non gunbound players would have an idea of what the game is... but i don't know what's wrong with my weebly... i can't seem to upload pix)

anywayz, gundbound is like the game worms... still no idea? ... well, it’s played 1 on 1 or as a team of a maximum of 4 on each side. Each player is to throw like a bomb on someone (so, we’re talking of projectiles where you get to put the angle & force… physics)

well, we met there.


he had a gf & i hadmine so ours was a purely platonic relationship... gamer online... or maybe not *wink*.
but really, we never had an online affair apart from being friends.

We broke up with my then bf and i started dating around. He was kind of worried at this time of my life & told me to get a steady so i wont be jumping from one date to another... he was probably getting worried about my hopping around.
but i told him that i am not seriously dating and there is nothing to be worried about... i won't be jumping in on a relationship just because i need one... & that the next one would definitely be the one since i am approaching my bio-clock deadline soon. And really... i wouldn't want to belong to someone else when the right one comes along... yes, it's sad to belong to someone else... (you do know the song)

... more...

basta... the ending... we're going to get married! And i am definitely excited. We are.

we we're thinking of providing the fabric for our entourage so it would be their tokens from us as well...

that way, we could have them tied up to the theme or motiff, while they'd get to choose the designs that they's want.

anywayz, my aunties are indeed excited.
my aunt yayang found this fabric at divisoria... lots more of finds there.

i'm going to visit & have my dress done at her seamstress... it's kind of an extra spend when we just consider the RT tickets that i need to get... but since, it's her trusted seamstress, i think the extra bucks spent would be worth it. ^^<

the pinoy fiesta idea...
we're getting excited... it may no be the small wedding that i have envisioned but it would go with the virtue of family... & would give me the opportunity to be with a lot of loveones... prob nga lang... more room for wedding crashers...

but hoping and praying for the best.

anyways, i'd be seeing dennies again on april!
i'd go to manila...
we're to go to a pre-wedding counseling on april 17 with my missionary uncle & auntie.
then, shop at divisoria for cheap fabrics and finds.

my future mother-in-law kinda warns me not to get too
carried away and spends away our budget.

anywayz... planning a wedding pala is not at all easy.
a lot to think about even with budget aside.

God help. Thanks