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who missed last year's mar roxas-korina sanchez wedding?
well, i didn't... sad though that they waited for so long before tying up the knot.
"Korina has always been very clear about how she wanted her dream wedding to be: a showcase of the Philippines’ best. That’s why it was not difficult to take her cue. Mar, on the other hand, just wanted everything to flow well with the “people’s wedding” theme always in mind.  Since the menu for the reception and the execution of the flowers were my main responsibilities, I lost no time sourcing the best, most interesting (some even undiscovered) local artisan produce from all over the country.", writes Margarita A. Fores at Philstar.

A color palette of piña, ecru, ivory, beige, moving to tan, mocha, khaki, cinnamon, raw sienna and brown, then finally ending in the cool shades of dove gray, platinum and anthracite; Filipino stripes and patadyong plaids, as well as delicate embroidery and point d’esprit added texture to their attires.

Korina’s and Gino’s design for turn-of-the-century-inspired flowers at the church, with old-style Filipino rosal, sampaguita, homegrown Japanese lilies, camia clusters, paper roses and Baguio roses allowed for the perfect scale when juxtaposed against the imposing scale of the church.

The sweet kakanin passed around in native bilao and woven trays consisted of Silay senoritas, galletas and bañadas from Negros, pili macaroons from Cely Montelibano and mini bukayo from Lolinia Juarez, from the Ma-ao market.  

the newlyweds riding in a vintage convertible as they wove through the crowded streets of Quezon City on the way back to Bahay na Puti.

And the rest of the wedding and salu-salo is history.

wait! who could forget the padyak? ^^<