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How should I share it? Like the ABC? Or a summary? O isang nobela?

Well, this is an anything goes tale...

We met at an online game, Gunbound.

I got into it because my then bf was in Cebu for half a year & we never were in a long distance relationship & neither are we into chatting.

He got into it because he's into online gaming. & his nephew, kem, budged him to try gunbound as well.

Well, we met there, Aug 2005. He thought I was gay. He called me & found out I am a female.

We were friends.

We texted. We called. No, it wasn't daily... neither weekly.

It wasn't regular but it seems that when I needed help, he was available to listen.

The friendship was a comfort. No need to please the other. No need to keep a secret because we had no common friends & maybe because we don't care about the other's impression. No pressure of meeting anytime soon.

Yes, it was just going with the wind.

There was even a time when we go three months without news from each other & yet, when we get to talk again... Yes, like long lost friends.

Anyway, long story short... 2006, my then bf and I broke up. December 2007, Dennies and his then gf broke up.

We met for real, June 2008.

I was prepared to meet an ogre that Saturday... Because he told me he was hideous.

But I was sure glad that he wasn't.

There were no fireworks then... No butterflies... But there was the sense of security from a ''stranger''.

That night, there were fireworks... Literally.

Sunday, we went to church with jade (my maid-of-honor) whom he met Saturday as well (after I found out that he was not an ogre after all).

Ptr. Peter said that we say 'you are made for joy' to the person to your right. He was at my right.

Yeah, I knew he was made for joy (that joy found in Jesus as the Philippians knew.) But that day, I kind of believed that he was made for Joy (& I mean ME).


[Dennies' story – in the making]

He finally got to decide again that he would come to Davao.
After more than a month of prayer along with the wait of an airline promo, I booked him without a return ticket.
I frequently asked him if he changed his mind.
Prayed earnestly to God to make him change his mind if he weren't the one.
(Really... If God was human, he'd be confused over my prayer. For over a year of praying for him to be the one & now praying for him to just back out if ever.)
I even asked prayer partners to pray with me as well.
When January came, & his coming over was obvious, we prayed for everything to go rough with my parents if he weren't the one. It went smoothly.

On our first Sunday at Davao, Pastor Arnel again mentioned what ladies ought to say when their suitors say ''I love you.''
‘‘Will you marry me?''. And the guy would be silent.

''I love you.''
I wanted to try what Ptr. Tan said but I couldn't quite bring myself to say it.
''wag mo na ngang isipin yun.'' He knew what I was thinking. And I knew his reply.  And I was silent.

February, I went to meet his family. They were so warm. And so excited over ''our coming wedding''.

We were cornered.

Yes, we'd get married.

And now, with the blessing of our parents, we're here.
today's ate ailyn's birthday...

she's one of my ninangs for August. And she'd be the one to do my make-up on my wedding and post-wedding reception.

her salon, Beauty Option's by Ailyn Albino, is at corner Guerrero and Sta. Ana Sts., right behind Dimsum Diner. It's a small and cozy space that provides as much privacy as her clients would want. Most customers come by appointment and only a number of clients are walk-in costumers. If you happen to want to visit her for your next hair treatment or for that special day make-up, just tell them that you found her on my blog.
She's extra cautious on customers without referral kasi.

contact number (082)-286-2188

i'd be posting a map to her place some time...

PS: it seems that i have promised a lot of posts. ;)
i hope i'd get some more time soon.
our relationship whould be anchored on the best foundation available.
Yes, it should be harder than steel.

No other foundation than Jesus.

They explained the relationship between husband and wife as a base of a triangle, and the tip of the triangle as God.
When the husband and wife is anchored on God, as they move closer to the Father, their distance as husband and wife also shortens.
So, the more one knows the Father, the more attuned he/she is to his partner as well.

more coming...

i'd be editing this post soon given more time...

God bless
i wasn't able to post anything for the past days.

i have been busy with my job... and i had been out last weekend to have a pre-marriage counseling with my future hubby. ^^<
it had been a session facilitated by Uncle Boyet and Auntie Yayang.

It's high time to be reminded that we shouldn't just prepare for the wedding but most of all for the marriage as well.
i mean on my blog...

i need to be reminded that i am writing for a specific viewer... usually women...
and that i must satisfy their needs...
visually at least as first so that viewers may want to actually read me...
and when viewers come... so will advertisers follow.

i wish i were an expert on this thing really but then again, i am a mere enthusiast... a beginner... super baby on that... so, i have a lot to learn.

i told my friend that earning is never the driving force of my putting this up...
but the part on destressing
& actually helping would-be brides like me in the process.

Announce your engagement to family and friends. Consider making the announcement in local newspapers.
^^announcement made. I’ll definitely not announce it on the local papers.

Need help from a wedding planner? If so, start searching for a wedding planner now.
^^ I actually need all the help I can get. But our wedding, being out of town, wedding planners will definitely have a hard time coordinating the event in our province.

And my aunt wants to plan events… so, I’d make use of the gracious hearts of my family and friends.

Plan the engagement party. Set a date, choose a location, create a guest list, and mail invitations.
^^ since we’re on a budget… we’re dropping this engagement party.
But maybe we’d be having a small one with the immediate family members on my future’s visit here on May with his family.

Decide on the budget.
^^ it is important indeed to set a budget so that dreamy brides like me won’t go overboard.

Start the guest list.
^^ this would really help. Although, probably a lot of guests would be coming even without the formal invite since it is a barrio wedding.

Determine a timeframe for your wedding date. Narrow down your wedding date to a few weekends that don't conflict with other family events.
^^ we’re planning on August 9, a Monday, at 7am. Since it’s a couple of hours away, we’re planning a rehearsal dinner on the Sunday right after the final and only rehearsal.

Choose a color scheme for your big day. Collect ideas and determine an overall theme/style you want for the event.
^^ I’ve thought about this a lot… and we’re settling with teal.

Book your wedding planner. Record deposits and payments in your budget.
^^ I won’t be getting one. I’d be my own wedding planner. Until 3 days prior.

Search for a ceremony venue.
^^ we’re doing it at the church where I grow up.

Search for a reception venue.
^^ nearby resort.

Book your ceremony venue. Record deposits and payments in your budget.

Book your reception venue. Record deposits and payments in your budget.

Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Invite them to be in your wedding party.
^^ I’m done with the list! ^^<

Create your wedding website.
^^ I’m starting on another one… & religiously updating this one starting today.

Search for a caterer.
^^ still searching… but have one in mind… same with the venue for the reception.

Book your caterer. Record deposits and payments in your budget. Begin working on a menu.
^^ I hope I can do this soon. But my Papa wants no formal talks with the suppliers until after he meets Dennies’ family on May.
And I couldn’t work behind his back since the caterer is his cousin.

Search for a photographer.
^^ still searching… for the real special & budget worthy package!

Search for a florist.
^^ I think we will DIY the decors and bouquets… except for my own ^^<

Search for a videographer.
^^ still searching…

Search for a band.
^^  no bands… too costly.

Search for a DJ.
^^ no DJ… just a good program for the reception and a good emcee.

Book your band. Record deposits and payments in your budget.

Book your DJ. Record deposits and payments in your budget.

Setup your registries. Add registries page to your wedding website.
^^ we want cash… hehe… since we’d be staying 1.5hours of plane ride away…

Book your photographer. Record deposits and payments in your budget.
^^ soon

Book your florist. Record deposits and payments in your budget.
^^ DIY

Book your videographer. Record deposits and payments in your budget.
^^ soon.

Search for an officiant.
^^ our church pastor for 14 years!

Book your officiant. Record deposits and payments in your budget.

Reserve hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. Consider reserving cheaper rooms and more expensive rooms for variety. Add accomodations and travel pages to your wedding website.

Send save-the-date cards for your out-of-town guests.

Search for a wedding dress vendor.

Search for a wedding cake vendor.

Select your wedding dress and place the order. Record deposits and payments in your budget.
^^ I've selected to copy one of vera wang's... aurora.

Book your wedding cake vendor. Record deposits and payments in your budget.
^^ soon... when i'd be able to get home.

Search for a vendor to create and address your invitations. They may also assist with creating place cards and menu cards.

Search for a ceremony musician.

^^ I volunteered my friends in church. J

Search for a vendor that can provide event rentals for your reception.

^^ I hope this is covered in the venue already.

Book your invitations vendor. Record deposits and payments in your budget.

^^ I’d DIY my invites. J

Book your ceremony musician. Record deposits and payments in your budget.

Book your vendor for event rentals. Record deposits and payments in your budget.

Search for a rehearsal dinner venue.

^^ right in my lolo’s front yard. J

Search for a vendor to help with your hair, makeup, or any prewedding pampering.

^^ good thing I have a make-up artist ninang… yey J

Select your bridesmaid dresses and place the order. Record payments in your budget.

^^ we’re getting fabrics next week… then, I’d send it to my entourage & they could have it done any way they’d want.

Search for a tuxedo/suit vendor. Decide whether you will purchase or rent the tuxedo/suit. Choose a style for the groom and groomsmen.

^^ same as above.

Book your rehearsal dinner venue. Record deposits and payments in your budget.

^^ no need to book. J my lolo’s excited.

Book accomodations for your wedding night.

^^ wow! I’m really excited about this.

Contact out-of-town guests and notify them about the hotel block and other discount travel information. Utilize your wedding website to convey this information.

^^ surely… to add traffic to my blog too…

Plan and book your honeymoon, including travel, accomodations, and activities.

Book your hair and makeup vendor. Record deposits and payments in your budget.

^^ excited… yey.. but we need to save for this too…

We’re thinking to have the travel much later. But right on after, maybe we could go to Tagaytay since his cousin’s got a vacation house there. 

Purchase accessories for your gown, such as a veil, shoes, and undergarments. Record payments in your budget.

^^ soon

Finalize the text for your invitations and place the order. Also consider purchasing thank you notes and wedding announcements from the same vendor.

^^ DIY

Finalize the menu and service details with your caterer.

^^ soon… yey
- Think about the type of wedding you want -- formal or informal, big or small -- and the time of the year you want it to take place.

- Set a budget and prioritize. Discuss who will cover each expense. Make sure you record each deposit and payment to your budget.

- arrange for the groom's family to formally meet the bride's.

- announce your engagement to family and friends.

- finalize wedding date. have back-up dates in mind if the venue, photographer, etc are already booked.

- Send save-the-date cards, if needed.

- Make a short list of possible suppliers. Research well prior to final booking.

- compile guest list, and organize addresses and contact numbers. the number of guests will affect your choice of venue.

- reserve ceremony an reception sites.

- hire a wedding coordinator, if desired.

- select bridal and liturgical entourage. visit your pincipal sponsors to inform them and thank them for accepting.

- select a designer foryour dress and order accessories.

- select your officiant. visit your officiant so that he may know you and your fiance better.

- book caterer. discuss with them any favorite foods or family recipes that you want to incorporate.

- book florist/stylist. Collect ideas and determine the whole theme.

- book music for theceremony and reception. ensure their music style fits the mood that you want to set.

-book photographer and videographer. Give them a checklist on the shots that you deem important.

- schedule trial hair and make-up sessions with short listed make-up artist. Book the chosen stylist and make-up artist.

- begin any beauty or exercise regimen if desired.

- plan and book honeymoon.

- plan your new home.
1. Rank your priorities.

2. Determine your budget.

3. Recruit friends and relatives.

4. Be ruthless with the head count.

5. Book before the 'ber' months.

6. Seek free fonts.

7. Have a weekday wedding.

8. No decor needed.

9. Think out-of-the-banquet-hall.

10. Hire an expert.

11. Take up hunting.

12. Pick the right kicks.

13. Say YES to all-inclusive.

14. Bridal fair-bound.

15. Create your own dot-com.

16. Initial it.

17. Think monochromatic.

18. Stick them up.

19. Hold a DIY day.

20. Buy in season.

21. Supersiz your flowers.

22. Bouton-ette your bridesmaids.

23. Easy on the entourage.

25. Work your blooms.

26. Skip the make-up trials.

27. The more the merrier.

28. No need for retouch.

29. Borrow something.

30. Buy your own booze.

31. Give a newbie a break.

32. Eat family style.

33. Think like a talent scout.

34. Drink to that.

35. Cut the cake.

36. Give something homemade.

37. Pool the presents.

38. Show off -- a little.

39. Throw a tea party.

40. Hook up your iPod.
Danica is the eldest of the two children of estranged couple Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie.
And Marc Pingris is a PBA player.

They were wed last March 3 at Palms Country Club in Alabang with a fairy kingdom theme.

One priceless wedding gift that Danica Sotto gave Marc Pringis -- a reconciliation with his French father whom he haven't met before.

The couple had their short honeymoon in Boracay since they have to get back to Manila. Which gave both celebs added excuse to get on planning their second honeymoon in France to meet Marc's namesake father, Jean Marc Pingris. The latter whom Danica found out through the help of the French Embassy.
The Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer love story began when they first met at Boracay way back in 2003. What started out as friendship blossomed into something more special three months after they first met. Now, after 5 years of being sweethearts they have decided to get married

Venue : Blue Leaf
Wedding Date : October 9, 2008

Gown: Puey Quinones
Makeup: Juan Sarte
Wedding Planner: Chinkie Uy-Agregado
Photographer: Chito Vecina
Videographer: Jason Magbanua