applying the nursing process... - all for my dream on a budget...
i am sorry if i am including the nursing process here...
but i was preparing for a lecture on the review of the nursing process just minutes ago...
so, why not apply it here as well.

1. Assessment
- i need to assess what i need and especially identify things that are not in the "normal range".

2. Diagnosing
- whatever problem that presents needs to be prioritize...

3. Planning
- keeping a SMART goal in mind.
Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Time-bounded.

4. Interventions
- well, this is where the action begins. It should be geared towards the goal.

5. Evaluation
- to identify whether the goal had been met or not met.
then, either you'd congratulate yourself or you tell yourself on what areas you can improve at after your post-intervention assessment. It is a cycle so it goes back to top then down until you're satisfied with the outcomes or the goal had been met.

In this case, i definitely have a problem on telling my papa about our plans. It is not that my papa is strict nor is he an ogre. In fact, he is very approachable and accommodating... he is after all the envy of my friends. but it's just that sometimes, he's hard to please and his expectations are quite high.
planning... well, i actually need to talk to him soon... i need a deadline... say 1 week? to speak up...
hopefully, everything will go well.
Actually the talking is part of the interventions part & i think i to need to compromise with his other wishes.

anywayz, the evaluation won't come until i've made my move.

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